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Semantic Development Platform with Integrated Testing Server Announced

TopQuadrant announced TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition, a semantic application development environment, which includes the first complete ontology modeling toolset and testing server for rapid development of model-driven semantic web applications.

TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition provides a built-in TopBraid Live testing server, semantic server page templates and XML round-tripping. The platform also enables semantic analysis of emails and visual report generation using Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), an Eclipse-based reporting system for web applications. It also supports XMap, a new technology to import arbitrary XML files, and to query, edit and export them back to XML.

"Most companies that are considering semantic applications need to solve pervasive data integration and complex information query problems that can not be addressed with traditional technologies," said Holger Knublauch, vice president, product development, TopQuadrant. "The Maestro Edition of TopBraid Composer enables companies to quickly build a new class of applications, such as interactive mashups that allow users to easily aggregate and query diverse data sources that take advantage of logical connections in the data."

TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition will also support SparqlMotion, a visual scripting language for the semantic web that is being developed at TopQuadrant, apparently by fans of Donnie Darko. SparqlMotion will provide entry-level semantic development capabilities to users with little programming experience. TopQuadrant expects the complete version of SparqlMotion to be available by early 2008.

TopQuadrant made the announcement at the International Semantic Web Conference 2007 in Busan, Korea. A 30-day evaluation download of TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition is available now. For more information, visit www.topquadrant.com.

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