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December 24, 2014

Things That Go Boom

It is easier to make a safe light bulb than to make a safe explosive.

December 22, 2014

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 10: Putting It All Together

After the discussions of the last few weeks, we are finally ready to build our test cases.

December 19, 2014

The Touch of a Button

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the simple approach, so I added a bit of code to sense swipes much as you would find on a touchscreen phone.

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Dr. Dobb's Archive

January 11, 2015

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December 16, 2014

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December 16, 2014

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December 15, 2014

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The Long Death of Project Hosting Sites

December 09, 2014

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Testing for Failures with Python

December 09, 2014

Writing solid code means knowing that when programs fail, they do so gracefully and predictably. Unit testing verifies this. - Testing

We Need More Agile IT Now!

December 02, 2014

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Clarity of Goals: The Most Important Element of Product Success

December 02, 2014

Complete clarity and constant communication of goals are as important to a product's success as execution, perhaps more so. - Design

Building Node.js Projects in Visual Studio

December 02, 2014

Developing server-side apps with the popular Node.js framework can now be done with the full support of Visual Studio IntelliSense, debugging, and project management. - Tools

Building Portable Games in C++

November 25, 2014

The cocos-2d-x open source framework can be used to build games, apps, and other interactive software in C++. Here's a hands-on guide to using it to write and port games. - C/C++